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We are proud to introduce a new and exciting product for the NSX.... The Prospeed Cold Air Intake System. Lately we have been testing a lot of NSX's and we noticed that the NSX pulls a considerable amount of vacuum and that is a sure sign of a restriction on the intake side. Since you guys know that we like to dyno test and improve on everything =) we decided to build a proper intake system and dispel some of the myths that the OEM intake box is the best out there.

One of the first things we wanted to do was to relocate the air filter away from the engine compartment. We thought about about relocated the filter to the intake duct in front of the rear driver side tire however the intake length was a little too short for our liking. We decided to go the opposite direction and relocate the air filter to the back rear fender. This was a great location because it allowed us to run a larger air filter while being protected from water and heat. By relocating the air filter away in the rear fender it allowed us to properly tune the inlet pipe length and diameter (Resonance Tuning). This produced some excellent results.

The Prospeed CAI made approximately 8-10whp from 5600 rpm to 7800 rpm. It also picked up approximately 5-6 ft lbs of torque at the same rpm.

The power is noticeable as you hit VTEC and pull to redline. Torque is felt instantly from the beginning.

    Dyno: Dynapak
    Car: 1991 NSX 5 speed with 183,XXX miles
    Temperature was approximately 6-9 degrees warmer than the previous dyno session.

We dyno tested the NSX on the same day and within 30 minutes of each other to eliminate variables. We didn't do any tuning to the ecu. Just bolt on and dyno. We made 3 passes with the stock airbox and 3 passes with the Prospeed CAI.
  • Stock Air Box is uneven dotted line
  • Prospeed CAI is even dotted line

Power and Torque

AFR's (No tuning was done and AFR's are nearly identical)

Vacuum readings (The Prospeed CAI is clearing less restrictive as it pulls less vacuum)

Why choose the Prospeed Cold Air Intake System?
  • High quality grade 6061 aluminum for all piping (Carbon fiber is an option)
  • Made in the USA 4 ply silicone hose connectors
  • Made in use clamp connectors normally used for turbo piping
  • Tuned length and larger 3.5" diameter piping
  • Oil free high filtration and flow filter for maximum breathing
  • Improved sound
  • Dyno tested and proven innovative design
  • No extreme air fuel ratio changes to insure proper AFR's
  • Performance ceramic coating as an upgrade (great for cooler temps)
  • Carbon Fiber Top engine bay piping as an upgrade (great for nice engine bay)
  • Completely bolt on and fully reversible
  • Fender liner can be reattached
  • Designed and made in the USA


For 91-05 NSX
    MSRP $325 Intro Price: $295 for first 5 customers

  • Ceramic Coating $60
  • Carbon Fiber Intake bay top piping $50

Here are the pics. Sorry for the picture quality, we will have high res pics up soon.

Top View

Bottom Veiw


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