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This is a complete kit for anyone interested in safe reliable horsepower increase for their NSX. We have spent months of R&D on the PROSPEED NSX Turbo kit. We have built custom kits for B and H-series cars and now want to offer a kit for the C-series. After careful consideration we feel we can offer a reasonably priced kit with the highest quality parts the NSX deserves. We offer many options to custom tailor your turbo kit to your needs. This is a great entry level street turbo kit for stock engines. This kit is good for 420HP with an Air/Air Intercooler and a Level 2 kit good for 500+hp with an Air/Water Intercooler set up with upgraded T4 Turbo. Level 2 kits will be available shortly after the Level 1 kit release.

PROSPEED TURBO KIT for 1991-2005


  • Prospeed Stainless Steel Equal Length Y-pipe manifold made out of 304 stainless steel*.
  • All flanges are Stainless steel and cnc machined.
  • Garrett T3 T04s turbocharger good for 475HP.
  • Tial 44mm Wastegate.
  • Tial 50mm blow off valve.
  • Precision Bar/plate Intercooler (2.5" inlet and outlet) Good for 575HP.
  • Prospeed Custom aluminum air duct for intercooler with grill to protect the core and increase flow efficiency.
  • Complete 3 piece 6061 aluminum 2.5" intake charge piping with bead rolled ends.
  • Prospeed 3 inch Full Stainless Exhaust System with Borla Muffler. (Burns Stainless Ultra Light Muffler Upgrade).
  • US made V-band clamps with optional Prospeed Hi-flow cat.
  • Stainless steel custom wastegate dump tube.
  • Prospeed oil pan with baffle and fitting (core exchange).
  • Gravity fed drain system.
  • Stainless oil feed and oil drain lines (Aluminum Fittings).
  • Complete Air Intake Assembly.
  • complete 4 ply pipe couplings.
  • US made T-Bolt hose clamps (superior to standard clamps).
  • Custom turbo brackets and exhaust hanger brackets.
  • RC 750cc injector kit with Walbro 255lph fuel pump.
  • NGK colder spark plugs.
  • Self adhesive heat reflective shields.
  • All necessary gaskets.
  • All necessary installation hardware.
  • Installation manual.

Retail price: $8495


  • *Lifetime Warranty against any manufacturer defects.
  • Shipping cost $250 in continental U.S.

  • PROSPEED NSX Turbo kits require no cutting or drilling into the chassis. It is a complete bolt on kit.
  • PROSPEED NSX Turbo kits have an option of our proven Prospeed Hi-flow Cats.
  • Full stainless steel pipes and flanges to insure strength and longevity.
  • Full High grade 6061 aluminum tubing on the cold side for light weight and extra strength.
  • All pieces are built on jigs to insure proper fitment.
  • Full installation and tuning support for local Southern California PROSPEED NSX Turbo Kit owners.
  • Proven Tial wastegate and blow-off valves.
  • PROSPEED oil pan baffle and fitting core exchange program. Leave a deposit and we will send a modified oil pan ready to swap out. No down time!

Prospeed NSX Turbo kit on the Dyno!

Thanks for everyone's patience. We have been busy finishing up work and we finally got this baby on the dyno for all to see. Here is the dyno graph of the Prospeed NSX Turbo kit. We were happy to see how efficient the kit was! At only 5.1 lbs of boost we were able to put down 400.5HP and 303 ft lbs of torque! The timing was conservative and we could have made more hp but we are happy with the results as it sits.

I want to thank Bisi and their staff at Bisimoto engineering for the help and support! Bisi did a brilliant job on tuning the AEM EMS. The car is smooth and idles perfectly! I can't stress how important it is to have a good tuner. Thanks again!

CAR: 91 NSX with 69,XXX miles
MODS: Stock engine, Prospeed NSX Turbo Kit, AEM engine management system, 91 octane.
RESULTS: 400.5HP at 7597rpm, 303.7 at 5349rpm. all this at only 5.1 of boost!


BLUE LINE: Uni filter, Topspeed header, Prospeed HFC, Taitec GTLW, Prospeed Rom Tune


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